This was the tale of a beautiful, stern and sensuous Mistress and her tiny dicked, collared servant who, at his own request, is kept locked in chastity. And Mistress Alegria was more than happy to oblige.

We have since moved on to the next phase of training and we would love all of you who followed us here to follow along with our new adventures.

The Cock Size has not changed though. It is still tiny!!!!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Making Mistress Proud

Nothing makes me happier than when Mistress Alegria looks me in my eyes and tells me that She is proud of me. While I enjoy favorable attention from others, being a bit of an attention slut, and enjoy it when she grants me those rare sexual releases, what I really enjoy most of all is when She is proud of my behavior and the service I provide her, and she tells me.

A couple of weeks ago a perfect example occurred. Mistress Alegria was asked to direct a scene with another couple, a Dominant man and his submissive wife, and She graciously allowed me to participate. The center of attention in this scene was to be the young lady, with my Mistress and the Dominant man, co-topping her. My role was to assist in any manner Mistress Alegria directed. I was thrilled to be involved in a scene with another beautiful lady.

Prior to their arrival I prepared some light refreshments and helped set up the equipment as directed by Mistress Alegria. My chastity device was then taken off for the scene as Mistress Alegria did not want it in the way if I was to wear a strapon for penetration, although She made it perfectly clear that I was not allowed to use my little weenie or to cum, under penalty of severe punishment.

The young lady arrived wearing only a long coat, high heels on her feet and a blindfold. I was, of course, naked, and feeling extra naked without my chastity device. (It really has become a part of me and I miss it when not wearing it.)

My first task was to remove her heels, a task I thoroughly enjoyed. While I will not go into all the details of how the scene unfolded, let me suffice by saying that Mistress was at her best, obviously enjoying Herself. And all of the others certainly enjoyed themselves.

At one point Mistress directed me to provide oral service, one of my most favorite tasks. I immensely enjoy making women happy with my tongue (as I must since I am somewhat deficient in other areas). It was one of the highlights of the night for me, although the evening was not all highlights for me.

Even though this scene was not at all about me, Mistress Alegria , being the wonderful Mistress She is, never forgot about me and the fact that I am still in training. While She was enjoying herself very much, She continued to monitor and supervise me. It was, after all my first time involved in such a scene. At one point I required discipline as I got carried away in the moment and performed an unauthorized act. Mistress Alegria was firm in her discipline, and I understood. I was disappointed in myself, but quickly changed my mind set to one of considering it a learning experience. That type of egregious behavior will not be repeated.

Later, Mistress Alegria had me don a strapon to provide some penetrative action. I thoroughly enjoyed, for the first time in my life, being able to provide satisfaction through penetration, even if it was not with “Her” little penis. While performing in this manner I became so excited that I was on the brink of cumming myself. The mixed emotions generated, on one hand knowing I was bringing pleasure and not wanting to stop for this reason, coupled with knowing I would be punished severely if I came, led to great distress on my part. Again Mistress Alegria, being a perceptive Mistress, could sense that something was wrong and came close to ask me if I was ok. I told her I was close to cumming and felt that I could not refrain. Mistress told me at that point to continue, that this scene was about making the young lady happy, and that if I came it was inconsequential. This gave me the strength and fortitude needed to refrain from cumming.

After playtime ended I served the prepared refreshments, fresh fruit and chocolate sauce, and helped clean up the area. Everyone seemed happy and I was glad to have been able to play a small part.

After the others left Mistress Alegria told me that She was proud of my performance and attitude. Even though I was corrected, for good reason, I rebounded and continued with my role. After all this was not about me.

The evening was very pleasurable for me on several levels. I got to partake in one of my favorite activities, oral pleasuring of a beautiful lady. I got to be teased and humiliated regarding my physical shortcomings, a fetish I particularly like. And I got to play a small part in ensuring that those around me had a wonderful evening. And I was allowed to reinstall my chastity cage, making me feel complete again.

But most of all I made the beautiful and wonderful Mistress Alegria proud. And for that I was overwhelmed with pleasure.

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