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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Phoenix Sapphire Follow-up/Long-term Review

littlechasteguy says:

Now that I’ve been wearing the Sapphire for just over a month, it seems it is time for a follow-up to my initial review with some longer term observations. Mistress Alegria has had me wear it 24/7 except for a few brief removals for cleaning and play. The longest it has been off during this period was about 3 hours a few nights ago when Mistress wanted me completely nude for a play session with some friends. But that is another story in itself.

First and foremost, at least for me, the Sapphire is effective. Once properly locked on, using the correct spacers, escape is not possible, at least not without subjecting oneself to severe pain and possible. The repair of the split seam using superglue has held up so far. There have been no more occasions of waking up in the middle of the night with “Her” little penis free. I guess that is a good thing, lol.

During the time worn that has been no significant discomfort. The ring being larger than those I’m accustomed to has resulted in some minor discomfort to my inner thigh on occasion, requiring a little lotion. But as time has gone on that seems to be no longer an issue, as my body has adjusted to it being there. The larger ring does still feel a bit bulky to me, but that too has lessened as time has passed. I suspect that eventually it will seem perfectly normal. And for someone’s first experience with a chastity device, having not experienced other, less bulky devices, I’m sure this would be a non-issue.

For some reason the Sapphire often rotates on my scrotum to near the 90 degree position on my right. I surmise that this has something to do with one testicle hanging lower than the other. This is not a problem, and does not result in discomfort, although at one point I encountered some minor irritation of “Her” scrotum where a sharp point contacted it. However, a few brief minutes with a nail file resolved that completely.

The Sapphire does contain a number of moving parts, and parts subjected to considerable stress due to the design. Breakage remains a concern. Therefore I’d still like to see, as mentioned in my initial review, a distributor of parts a bit closer to me. However, so far none of these parts have broken.

So overall, with the exception of the quality problem that resulted in cage breakage, I would say that the Sapphire is a very effective and good chastity device. Of all the devices I’ve worn (CB-2000, CB-3000, CB-6000s, Mini-Birdlocked, Sapphire) it is the best combination of security, comfort, and concealable under clothing. I would recommend it to others, with the qualifiers already stated.

What’s next you ask? In three weeks Mistress Alegria is taking me to get a titanium Prince Albert piercing. Once it is healed I will likely be wearing the Mini-Birdlocked, at least for the summer. The flexibility of the silicone materials much better for bicycle riding and other such activities I enjoy. And the issue of ease of pullout regarding the Mini-Birdlocked will be resolved by securing the penis to the end of the cage through the piercing.

We will certainly post about that and other ongoing events and my continued training.

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