This was the tale of a beautiful, stern and sensuous Mistress and her tiny dicked, collared servant who, at his own request, is kept locked in chastity. And Mistress Alegria was more than happy to oblige.

We have since moved on to the next phase of training and we would love all of you who followed us here to follow along with our new adventures.

The Cock Size has not changed though. It is still tiny!!!!

Sunday, April 25, 2010


Mistress Alegria says:

It has been several weeks since My cock, which is of course attached to the body of littlechasteguy, got it's Prince Albert piercing. The healing process has not been as bad as expected. He has taken very good care in maintaining the upkeep and cleaning.

Of course prior to unlocking My cock for the piercing and healing, the idea of My cock finding itself free, and the temptation of getting his hands around it, quickly came to mind. But this thought instantly retreated as littlechasteguy promised Me that he would be a good boy and not touch My property in any unauthorized manner.

To those I know sitting there reading this and thinking, "Sure!", "It's out and free!", "He has a history of masturbating!", "There's no way he won't touch that cock!", "She'll never know!" - Again, he gave his word to Me. And to littlechasteguy his word carries a lot of weight. I know that no matter how tough it was to wake up in the morning with an erection, and to clean it while in the shower with a nice batch of warm, soapy suds....he would never jerk off.

His training continues, both in private and at various public BDSM events. It is ongoing 24/7. So while My cock was free from it's chastity device I took every opportunity to make sure he was always aware of lovely women with wet pussies. LOL. It is part of the rewiring of his thought processes - A mental tease and denial.

Whether sitting at a red light, strolling through a mall, or anywhere else, I comment on the lovely ladies in their short skirts and spring dresses, and how it would be wonderful to see him on his knees with their legs wrapped around his head. His reaction never gets old. I thoroughly enjoy his rapid breathing and fixed stares, like a beagle on a hunt! And the slow rise of My cock. You can clearly watch on his face as the struggle takes place. The body responds at one with the mind. And the mind wins, with the cock becoming it's itty bitty self again.

Yes, the progress is evident in his reactions to the situations I place him in. However, his training continues, as there is still much to be accomplished.

And I am enjoying every minute of it.

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