This was the tale of a beautiful, stern and sensuous Mistress and her tiny dicked, collared servant who, at his own request, is kept locked in chastity. And Mistress Alegria was more than happy to oblige.

We have since moved on to the next phase of training and we would love all of you who followed us here to follow along with our new adventures.

The Cock Size has not changed though. It is still tiny!!!!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Why own a Chastity submissive/slave?

Mistress Alegria says:
Frankly, until recently I really had no desire to. I had been active in the D/s Lifestyle for 10 years. I spent a lot of time learning, listening, watching, absorbing as much as I could, like a sponge. (Not the vaginal kind though, mind you. LOL)
I had heard through the years and thought it was yet another ploy to top from the bottom. I had seen Mistress after Mistress put their boys in chastity and seem more exhausted for all the trouble it cost to really keep them there. And not much service of any kind was given back to make it all worthwhile. For Me it was simply Women tying up their boyfriends packages to keep them from straying. I found no joy in that, nor excitement.
I saw real control of Mind, and not by a whip, by growing up at My home. To this day, in Her early 70's, you still bow to My Mother's will. From an early start We, all of the Women in My family, are born with that strength and that will. We run all of the households any man is privileged to have Us in, whether as wives or as girlfriends. In My family the women control the men, deciding when to have sex, and when not to. And chastity devices were not required. They were STILL in chastity.

Then my little chaste guy approached Me, requesting that I keep him locked in chastity. He showed Me his tiny penis, explaining that he was a compulsive masturbator and unable to please women with his little cock. He knew he needed to be locked up for his own good, and the good of the Females of our species.

We discussed expectations and together developed a contract, clearly stating those expectations. I was given total control of when (if?) what is now My little cock gets to release its spunk. And he consented to serve Me and My needs and desires, making My life easier.
My little chaste guy, I enjoyed reading your posting regarding your reasons for chastity. And you are absolutely correct when you say that what is now My penis is absolutely too small to ever bring pleasure to a woman, or a man for that matter. I am so glad you came to that realization all by yourself. It makes My job so much easier, since kept chaste you are much more compliant and willing to be trained to be the subbie I desire.

But all is not lost. I may someday let you penetrate a woman again, if I can find the right submissive woman who would consent to having what is now My tiny dick inside her. I would enjoy a good laugh as I unlock you after an extended period chaste, watch you struggle not to cum as she rolls one of your tiny “snugger fit” condoms on you, and then see how you struggle to bring her any pleasure before cumming yourself. And you know that if you cum before bringing her to orgasm you will be severely punished, most likely with a severe beating. And of course failure will mean never fucking again, for the rest of your life. But that might be your fate anyway.

Enforced chastity is an interesting dynamic in a D/s relationship, one I am truly enjoying. I love seeing the pleading look as I tease your locked up cock. I love how my chastised little subbie begs for release, even though you know none is forthcoming this time. I love seeing your little cock swell inside its tiny cage, bulging out the vents as in the picture posted on your picture page. I love knowing you will do anything I ask in the way of service, trying to please Me so I will be merciful. Most of all I love being in control. When you turned over control of your puny, useless penis, you gave Me control over all of you, body and mind. I own you My little chaste guy!

How long has it been now since your last release? Only eight days and you are already begging for My attention. You are willing to walk through the blizzard today in two feet of snow just for the opportunity to serve Me, on the outside chance that I will allow you release. How sweet, and naïve. I know you’ve been a good boy. I do appreciate your assistance in designing and building My new torture and interrogation chamber. But, My little chaste guy, you need to be patient. My little penis only gets to cum when I deem it necessary for my amusement. You gave it to Me. And I think I will wait a while. Perhaps I can go through the entire month of February without seeing My little penis squirt. I am curious to see what the readers of our new blog have to say about that. Good idea you had to solicit their input.

My little chaste guy, your chastised state has pleased Me to no end. It has made My training of you so much easier. I am sure that just a few months ago you never thought you’d be taking a spanking in public while chained to a cross. I’m sure you never expected to be paraded around naked in public, except for your little chastity cage that is. You probably never expected to assist Me as I played with another of My subbies. All of this is possible because you want to please Me so bad. And I didn’t even mention the cooking, cleaning, running errands, and serving other Mistress’s at My direction you’ve had the honor of doing.

And I have so many more treats in store for you over the next weeks and months. There is a long list of events we will be attending, you as My collared, little, chastised servant. Any day now the custom fitted locking buttplug harness you ordered will be ready. Then we can begin some serious anal training. You do remember that you also gave Me your ass to control as well, don’t you? And I want to get My ass thoroughly trained to take My favorite strapon cocks, the big ones (LOL). And I cannot wait to take you out in public with what is now My ass plugged and My little penis caged up and straining. Watching you squirm will be so delicious. Do you think I can make My little penis cum in its cage just from fucking you in My ass? I bet if we stay chaste long enough and fuck that ass hard enough it is possible. We shall see My little chaste guy.

And we will both write about our experiences from our own points of view to share with the world.

Mistress Alegria


  1. Mistress I would like to ask: do you have your chaste slave serve your needs such as as a chor and errand boy? Does he do actual services for you? If not I think that would be a good idea to use the energy of his sexuality in chaste service. alexon

  2. Of course my boy does chores and runs errands for me. He cooks, cleans, irons, and performs as chauffeur, as well as other tasks to make my life easier and more enjoyable. His releases are not on a time schedule, but are earned by providing good service, which gives him plenty of incentive to provide lots of good quality service.