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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Product Review - Phoenix Sapphire

littlechasteguy says:

In my never ending quest to find just the right chastity device for my needs I, with approval from Mistress Alegria, purchased a Phoenix Sapphire with a 30 mm cage. Three larger sizes are available, for those that are a bit larger. My needs include:

1.      Non-metallic as I pass through metal detectors daily
2.      Small in size to fit a very small penis and be easily concealable under street clothes
3.      Secure enough to prevent pullout
4.      Suitable for long-term wear in both comfort and ability to keep clean

I received my Sapphire just over a week ago, and as I had been a very good boy Mistress Alegria rewarded me by removing my CB-6000S the next day and allowing me to wear the Sapphire. (I’m not real patient, a character defect Mistress Alegria is helping me with.)

My initial impression upon opening the package was that it seemed bulkier than my CB-6000S. The ring is indeed significantly larger than the ring I wear with the CB-6000S. It is designed as one size fits all, with spacers to reduce the effective size for us smaller guys. The 30 mm cage we ordered is about ½ inch shorter than that of the CB-6000S, as hoped for to provide a better fit. The diameter is about the same as that of the CB-6000S at the “head” area of the cage. The CB-6000S has a smaller diameter along the shaft area, as the Sapphire is the same diameter the entire length of the cage. However, with the internal pressure pad installed the room inside the Sapphire is less than that of the CB-6000S, again providing for a nice snug fit on a rather thin penis like “Mistress Alegria’s”.

One minor drawback was that the package arrived without installation instructions. This required a trip to the Phoenix website to figure out how to install it. While only a modest problem, this could be easily overcome by simply including a one page instruction sheet with the device.

Installation required trying several different settings and spacer combinations to arrive at a good fit. I was pleasantly surprised at how comfortable the device is. It is lightweight and had no bothersome sharp edges or pinch points. The hinged pressure plate keeps “Her” little guy form bouncing around, enhancing comfort. And with the pressure plate installed as tight as possible without interfering with circulation or urination I found that the pullout inhibiting function worked as advertised. As I test by pulling backwards it tightened up, letting me know that I would soon be in great pain if I continued. The pressure plate also seems as if it will not cause the type of bruising and abrasions “Her” little penis experienced with the KSD-3 for the CB-6000S, although longer term wear will be required to fully assess this.

The cage of the Sapphire swivels slightly on the securing pin. This enhances comfort by allowing repositioning as my body moves and as the scrotum retracts when cold. The pinching encountered with other hard plastic, ball trapping devices does not seem to occur due to this flexibility. It remains to be seen whether focusing stress on this securing pin will result in durability issues.

Lastly, upon installing it was apparent that with the 30 mm cage being about ½ inch shorter than that of the CB-6000S, a better fit was achieved. This reduces the room for swelling when excited. Truth be told though “Her” little penis could probably squeeze into a 25 mm cage should one be available.

There were a couple of downsides we noted with the fit of the Sapphire. The large ring results in a bulkier package compared to the CB-6000S, and the need for internal spacers increases the complexity of installation. However, this bulkier package does not seem to result in any concealment issues, so this is more of an aesthetic issue. It remains to be seen whether this large ring will result in problems with activities such as bicycle riding. The other issue has to do with the urination slot at the end of the cage. It could be a little longer and more centered on the cage to allow for a cleaner stream and peeing while standing at a urinal. This should be a relatively easy improvement to make.

When I took my first shower while wearing the Sapphire I was pleasantly surprised with how easy it was to clean. There are plenty of well positioned access points in which to squirt fluids. Cleanliness should not be an issue.

So overall my initial impressions were quite favorable.

Then came my second night sleeping in the Sapphire. I awoke at about 5:00 AM with an unusual feeling of freedom and expansion. A quick check revealed that the cage had split along the seam around the diameter of the cage near the end. “Her” little penis was free!!! Thankfully there were no cuts. I had to quickly install the CB-6000S so as to avoid the wrath of Mistress Alegria.

It appears that the manufacturer produces the shorter cages by cutting down the longer cages and gluing them back together instead of welding. The glued joint failed.

I sent an email to Frank at Phoenix, notifying him that after less than 2 days of wear the device had broken. I asked for a replacement cage, one that had been reinforced in some manner. I received a reply about 24 hours later providing instructions for me to repair the cage with super glue, noting that if that did not work he would then send a replacement. So 5 days ago I glued it back together and have worn it for 4 days now. It has held together so far, although my gluing was not the neatest and thus the appearance suffers a bit. I had hoped for better customer service. While I understand the need to make a profit and that sending a replacement cage would be costly, in this case there was an obvious manufacturing or design defect that in my opinion should have been resolved by immediately sending a reinforced replacement cage.

At this point my opinion of the Sapphire is mixed. There are some great elements along with room for improvement. The hinged pressure plate is a great idea, and the reason I asked Mistress Alegria for permission to purchase the device. It works as advertised. The swiveling on the locking pin is also a great idea, improving comfort.

My primary concerns have to do with long-term durability. The seam failure after only 18 hours wear indicates that there is a serious quality problem to be resolved. I am thankful that I was not cut or pinched severely.

I would also like to see an American distributor with access to replacement/spare parts. The device took 10 days to arrive in Baltimore MD USA from New Zealand. If one of the components such as the cage, the locking pin, or the hinged pressure plate breaks I will not want to wait 10 days or so to get replacement parts. stocks and sell replacement parts for the CB series of chastity devices and delivery only takes 2-3 days. While distributors would result in higher costs, to me it would be worth it for the improved customer service.

Lastly I’d like to see a smaller ring available. I’d also pay a couple of dollars for a more aesthetically pleasing device, as I am an exhibitionist and like to show off “Her” chastised little penis.

So my overall opinion after about a week is that Phoenix is off to a good start with the Sapphire. With resolution of the noted quality problem, and hopefully an improved distribution chain they should be quite successful.

We will of course provide another review after wearing for a bit longer term. We welcome any comments or questions.


  1. I'll reserve my take after you've had it for over a month or two.

  2. Very well. And I will post again after wearing for a month or two.