This was the tale of a beautiful, stern and sensuous Mistress and her tiny dicked, collared servant who, at his own request, is kept locked in chastity. And Mistress Alegria was more than happy to oblige.

We have since moved on to the next phase of training and we would love all of you who followed us here to follow along with our new adventures.

The Cock Size has not changed though. It is still tiny!!!!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

What's in it for Me?

Mistress Alegria says:

Prior to accepting littlechasteguy as my sub I set up a personal interview with him to determine whether he would be a good fit for Me. In earlier communications he'd already expressed that he wanted to have a strict Mistress who would enforce chastity upon him.

When he arrived and we began talking I was struck that here was an intelligent man who wanted to give up control of the most intimate part of himself. I was lost in thought as he filled me in on his life, ex-wives, jobs, and WHY chastity. Patiently I waited for the Real reason he chose to be kept chastised.

I quickly determined that littlechasteguy is a thorough submissive. This became apparent as he described his life and thoughts. I stored this away as a plus in his favor.

Finally came the reason for his goal of chastity. He mentioned that his cock was small, and that this resulted in relationship problems. To truly assess this statement I had him show Me. He was a bit nervous, just soft when he dropped his pants. He was not just small. He was Tiny! I made him erect for Me and, plain and simple, he was still Tiny! Now I knew.

I am curious one day to see him have sex with a woman, for My own amusement of course. Feeling for her I will of course have to have a real dick handy to finish the job, even if I have to strapon My lovely cock and finish the job myself.

Littlechasteguy your little cock seemed to have a lot of influence on you before you found out just how useless it was. To Me that made no sense. I thought you to be delusional at first. Did you not have eyes? Hence the constant masturbation. And the constant thoughts of what to do with your tiny cock. Then you discovered the final solution - Chastity. But being weak in mind and body you needed help.

Littlechasteguy, you could, had you wanted, come out of your self-imposed chastity. To Me at the time you were not in REAL chastity. I knew that your weak mind was still focussed on your little cock. I also knew that you remained focussed on orally pleasing women, something you could do all day if given the chance.

He needed someone to keep him in tow, to make him answer for his shortcomings, to make him a better man - one that would be an excellent submissive to a loving wife/life-partner/girlfriend some day. He needed to learn to be singularly focussed on pleasing his partner, and not concerned about his own pleasure. Seeing his submissive nature it was obvious to Me that he would take great pleasure in serving others, with the joy of service its own reward.

My littlechasteguy has nothing to offer as far as cock size goes. Chastity was wisely imposed. However, his service thus far has been nothing short of excellent. And it is obvious from his writings and our communications that he is enjoying this journey. However, My littlechasteguy it is apparent that your, or more correctly My, little cock still drives you.

We have a long way to go ......(and we will get there)

In future posts I will describe where we are headed on our journey and some of the guide posts that will be along our way. I look forward to reading about littlechasteguy's  thoughts and perceptions of his experiences. These writings will be a record of his transformation into the man he want's to be, completely devoid of thoughts regarding his inadequate cock and its pleasure, and single-mindedly focussed on bringing his Mistress pleasure in his areas of strength. It will be a joyous journey for all involved.


Mistress Alegria

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