This was the tale of a beautiful, stern and sensuous Mistress and her tiny dicked, collared servant who, at his own request, is kept locked in chastity. And Mistress Alegria was more than happy to oblige.

We have since moved on to the next phase of training and we would love all of you who followed us here to follow along with our new adventures.

The Cock Size has not changed though. It is still tiny!!!!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

A New Me!!!!!!

koko says:

I am excited and pleased to announce that it is time to end this blog. for under the wise and expert tutelage of Mistress Alegria littlechasteguy has evolved.

Back in December of 2009 I approached Mistress Alegria petitioning Her to be my Mistress and Keyholder. After several discussions and after agreeing to a contract defining expectations and responsibilities of both, She agreed. Over the following months both Mistress Alegria and me became aware that there was another completely different person lurking beneath my surface.

From some early experimentation with feminization, as documented in earlier posts, we found a natural female persona just waiting to be brought out. And Mistress Alegria is just the type of person to delve beneath the surface and bring out the underlying personality. We became acutely aware that I had much more going on besides enforced chastity, and that I should not be defined in such a manner.

And so koko demure was born. I invite you to check out my new blog at to learn more about my explorations and continuing evolution under the firm and wise direction and guidance of Mistress Alegria.

And of course to learn more about Mistress Alegria I invite you to peruse her Rubee Rooms website and her new blog Life in The Rubee Rooms.

I want to thank al the readers of this blog, especially those that signed up as followers and those tha commented and provided suggestions. I hope you will continue to follow us on our journey. I don't know exactly where we will end up, but I am pretty sure it will be adventurous and entertaining.

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